Sunday, 4 October 2015


Well, it’s quite a while since I wrote the last post here, I told myself that I’ll start updating my site after I’lm settled in London where I moved recently.

It’s not really easy to left your home and family in that young age but I decided to make it in the end. There’s really a lot of things from my life I wanted to share with the rest of the world so I decided that now it’s the right time to start updating my blog again. Oh and it’s October! My very favourite season of the year.

I was wondering how should I start and the idea of sharing my actual state of my mind always came first and also as the best idea.

So I tried to collect all the things and pieces which are actually on my mind or wish list and then I realised that my style didn’t change for years and I still like these things I downloaded time ago to my folder "insp" which is quite nice and I’m happy for that.

Since it’s my birthday in a few days I decided to make some kind of mood board mixed with wish list as well.

Also I know that a lot of you were asking me about how’s life but it’s kinda hard to response to everyone but keep it following here and you’ll see!
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